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»anachronism« typewriter-poems by anatol knotek

unique, handmade book, 16 poems, din a6, with sewn bindings, hardcover;

»usually a book is just a copy - but not this one! 
every poem is individually written with one of my typewriters (adler triumph gabriele 10 or olivetti lettera 32), so each single page is unique. out of about 90 poems i chose 16 for each book, therefore also the contents varies and is never the same.«

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for more information or if you have any questions, please send me an email at: anatol[at]anatol[dot]cc


Meryl Pataky - Cellar Door, 2013

"Originally from South Florida, Meryl Pataky moved to San Francisco in 2002 to attend the Academy of Art University.  She fell in love with the tactile nature of sculpture and pursued a BFA in the major.  Meryl’s work consistently revolves around elements found on the periodic table. From silver and copper to neon, iron and carbon, Meryl creates a variety of abstract works that relate to her concept of universal connectedness. In doing so, Meryl combines technical expertise–from welding to glasswork to papermaking–with her own personal narrative, building complex pieces that invite the viewer to guess at what thoughts and experiences influenced her process." -  


Hashtag Highlight: Stumbling Upon #AccidentalArt

To browse more photos of accidental art, browse the #AccidentalArt hashtag.

When it comes to art, what’s considered an accident?

Accidental art has been popping up in feeds since Instagram first begans. It comes from all angles and in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Whether a reflection in a puddle strikes you as impressionistic, a pile of trash appears to be a modern masterpiece or any haphazard moment in your day suddenly takes on a new light, accidental art is always around—as long as you take the time to notice it. For many Instagrammers taking the time to look at the world in a slightly more creative way, the #accidentalart hashtag has become a place to share their unique view with the rest of the Instagram community.